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Thursday, March 05, 2009

To all the SUV hating, disciples of the Church of Global Warming…


Tampa, FL - Allow me to present the next pickup truck I am going to own. This is a P4XL from the Sport Chassis "Ultimate Pickup" line of trucks, a division of Freightliner. 

*Insert Tool Time's Tim Taylor "Ohhh-ho-ho-hoooh…" here.*


At a 174-inch wheelbase, 100-inch width and 264 inches from front to back, this truck is big. No two ways about it.

It comes standard with airbrakes and a Cummins 330 horse power engine. You can order it equipped with the very same Detroit Diesel engine the runs the satellite truck I drive. Can you imagine that 445 horse power engine, four-wheel drive and all that high torque?

If you want high tech the factory will equip it with rear and side view cameras as well as a forward-looking infrared night-vision camera by FLIR. And you can get it with an Italian leather-wrapped interior and suede headliner.

Oh yes, very nice indeed…

At least I'll try to get mine before Nancy, Harry and President Obama outlaw them.

For those of you that want one, you can find out more about them at the Sport Chassis web site.

- 30 -

"I want!"

- Me

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