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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Peter Watts Trial goes to the Jury

Chattanooga, TN - Just heard form the someone in the court room. The jury has the case. There is more to write about the case, but I have to drive.

Times Herald Reporter Liz Shepard did an outstanding job of nailing the facts while staying neutral in story covering the first day of the trial. I recommend following her coverage to the end. Here are the links:

Times Herald: Officer: Author did not comply
Times Herald: Watts' trial to continue at 1:30
Times Herald: Writer takes stand

Now everyone waits.


A criminal jury consists of 12 people, each and everyone one of which have their own personal history they will apply to whatever you present before them. The secret to a jury trial is to find that one common denominator that will compel each one of them to vote your way in the jury room.
- Denver District Attorney Dale Tooley

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