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Monday, June 15, 2009

A new kitty

Everyone, this is Scruffy. Scruffy, this is everyone.

Last Friday morning this little hairball was sitting in the middle of the right turn lane on US-19. To leave her there would have been a death sentence. I mean how many of you would have left her sitting there? This kitten barely outweighs her own fur. Her eyes were filled with goop and the inside eyelids were mostly closed. And she had lots of drainage coming out of her nose.

So we took her to the vet before taking her home. As big as my heart is, I won't risk the other animals in the household.

According to the vet, Scruffy:

  • Weighs about 2/3 what she should weigh.
  • Has an amazing nose and eye infection.
  • Was temporarily blind from the above infection.
  • Has hook worms.
  • Has a scorching case of fleas.

I thought her name should be Lucky.

The little ball of fur had nothing wrong with her that couldn't be cleaned up, so the treatment began. Until today I had no idea there was a 24 hour flea pill. Talk about a weapon of mass destruction. The quantity of dead critters that fell off that little kitten over the next couple hours was amazing.

As of this morning she is eating like a horse. Much of her eyesight has returned and her inner lids are almost completely receded. She sees well enough to pounce on toes wiggling inside socks. Her nose is still runny so she is still isolated from the rest of the animals.

Yet another cat…

- 30 -

"We are not getting another animal!"
- Me

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