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Friday, January 22, 2010

Ding dong the network's dead…

Harrison, OH - Air America is dead. It's all over but the liquidation. The Air America web site blames the failure on a "very difficult economic environment."

The New York Daily News had a much different view. Their article cited no direction, no talent, bad paychecks, bad timing and no listeners.

As Rush said a few days after that debut, you can't build a popular radio show, or network, on ideology – and rightly or wrongly, Air America got the image that it was working from a playbook.

"First," said Limbaugh, "you have to entertain people. You have to make it interesting to listen. I don't hear any of that."
The New York Daily News

Even Nathan Harden writing in the Huffington Post had to admit, "Talk radio is a tough gig. You have to sustain three hours of conversation, five days a week, in defense of your ideas."

But then he comes right back with this load of crap, "Conservatives like to say that liberals aren't successful on the radio simply because their ideas don't hold up."

Actually, that is exactly why Air America and other liberal/socialist bastions eventually fail. "Feel good" ideas are warm and fuzzy and junk, but they don't put food on the table, generate wealth or revenue, create jobs, nor do they put money in the bank. After a while, someone has to pick up the bill.

Here are a few other takes on Air America's demise:
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