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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The G-20: And it begins…

Pittsburgh, PA - The G-20 Summit has not started yet. In fact we are not even finished watching the union trolls cable in our stuff. But the protestors are already out in force. This fun loving bunch strolled by the truck making enough noise to drown out communications with the people upstairs.

The people in charge are anticipating trouble, but hoping for a peaceful turnout. However protesters are already making noises on the local news about not being "shut out" of the economic discussions due to take place.

"Shut out…" Give me a break. I remember when I was young and thought I was important just like these people. 

One protestor trying to muster righteous anger and rage for the camera said that he and his people are "at war against the capitalistic forces perverting economic and social justice around the world."

War my ass. Aside from being profoundly uninformed and remarkably lacking in common sense, that snot nosed little brat adorned in his Harvard T-shirt doesn't have a clue what war is all about. When the snot nose little brat takes heavy incoming fire trying to defend a wounded soldier, then he can talk about being "at war."

Social and economic justice. Who thinks these phrases up? Probably the same people in journalism schools that came up with "interpretive journalism" and "opinion shaping."

There is something else here too. If this clueless little brat is publicly declaring himself to be at war with the United States, doesn't that make him eligible for capture as an enemy combatant? I wonder if Gitmo has any rooms open.


"I love the smell of pepper spray in the morning. It smells like… news."
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