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Saturday, April 03, 2010

One more launch…

Shuttle Discovery on Pad B with the press area flag in the foreground.

Kennedy Space Center - Several of the higher ups around here as well as people from ATK, the people that manufacture the solid fuel boosters for the space shuttle were talking with us yesterday and today. The cuts Obama made in the space program are going cost somewhere around 30,000 jobs if the stand as they are now. Those job loses will be spread out across Florida, Houston, Utah, Alabama and Louisiana.

This is talent and knowledge will be scattered not just across the country, but around the world. More then likely to countries that see the value in space flight. The brain drain and the time it will take to start the space program back up again if it closes down completely could set us back as much as 30 years in space flight development.

Nice stimulus package you got going there Mr. President, Madam Speaker and Leader Reid.


"It's like turning the space program over to the Long Island Railroad."
- David R. Brower

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