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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is a Harvard Professor. But the other day he showed us that no matter what you have in the way of brains, it is still possible to be an idiot.

He was mistaken for a burglar when he and his driver forced open the stuck back door to his house. Someone witnessed this and called police reporting a burglary in progress. Police reports indicate that Gates became belligerent and abusive when he was asked to step out of his house. One thing led to another and the professor found himself handcuffed and carted off to the hotel for disorderly conduct.

That is what some of call a reality check. No one knows what he was thinking when he refused to the officer's requests and then orders that he step out of his house. The reality of the situation is that police officer involved was following  procedure for both officer safety and the safety of Professor Gates. For all the officer knew, there was a burglar in the house and Gates may not be aware of it.

In ether case the officer was trying to protect Professor Gates' home and property. That alone should generate some gratitude for the officer's efforts. But no. The professor complained so loudly that the President chimed in with both feet standing squarely on his tongue.

The other reality of the situation is that the police are going win right there on the spot. They will win every time on the scene. Better to go along with the program, especially on the off chance they are trying to keep you from becoming a victim, and complain later if you think they were out of line.

Going to war with the officers right then, right there on the scene is a losing proposition every time. You would think a highly educated man like a Harvard professor would know that.

Bernard Goldberg has an online forum on his site. Someone there posted a link to this video from the Chris Rock Show and that link inspired this post. (Not work safe for language.)

Perhaps Professor Gates should take a couple classes from Chris Rock. Mr. Rock seems to have a much better grasp on reality then the hyper-educated professor.


"Everybody knows if the police have to come and get you, they are bringing an ass kicking with them."

- Chris Rock

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