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Sunday, August 09, 2009

National Health Care Lies: Part 2 - All Anti-Health Care Protestors Are Professional Rabble Rousers

The August break for Congress is traditionally used so representatives may return home and meet with constituents. This year the constituents are not just asking to be heard, they are demanding it. At meetings across the country, the prospect of government run healthcare is bringing out lots of people for lots of reasons. Most of them are pissed off beyond belief over one or more aspects of the plan. They are are not being shy or even tactful when personally delivering that message in town meetings.

Democrats are attempting to paint everyone showing up at town hall meetings as agitators from out side the district and Tea Party Patriots. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (Twit-CA) coined a new term for these protestors, "This initiative is funded by the high end. We call it "Astroturf," it's not really a grass roots movement. It's AstroTurf by some of the wealthiest people of America." 

Nancy and the rest of the people making these claims seem to think we, the American public, are going to be diverted form the real issue by this verbal slight of hand. But fortunately this particular magic trick is so bad that even the most wide eyed innocents are laughing at it.

A few of the people showing up for these meetings are coming at the behest of e-mailed requests, web postings and talk radio shows. So what? The point is these people do not believe the brand of government run health care being proposed is good thing for them or their country.

Most of the people are showing up on their own volition without the extra prodding. They do so because they believe the proposed health care plan is so bad that it is worth going to the meeting to be heard in person.

All of the people showing up for these meetings have a reason for being there. Many are worried about the cost, the effect on the federal budget and their taxes. Many know their existing health insurance will eventually dry up under government competition and are gravely concerned about what will replace it. A large number of older constituents are very concerned about what will happen when free health care over loads the system and the federal budget. Everyone wants to know where the lines will be drawn when the resources eventually run out. A few are even more concerned over who will be drawing those lines.

The idea that all the people showing up at these meetings are rabble rousers out to torpedo Democrats is pure political fantasy. It is so fantastic that only the most fanatic "The US Bombed the World Trade Center" believers are buying into it.

That leads us to one of two possible conclusions:

  • The Democratic leadership actually believes that this is nothing but semi-pro rabble rousers making trouble at the town hall meetings. In this case it means the Democratic Leadership is so far disconnected from the reality of what their constituents want that they have no place making laws and spending decisions over them. We are talking a disconnect so severe that even the "we know what's best for you" elite are becoming concerned.


  • The Democratic leadership believes the American public is stupid enough to buy that load of fertilizer they are shoveling. If that's the case they have proved themselves to be snake oil salesmen and con artists with no place in making laws and spending decisions over any of us.

I recommend that anyone reading this seek out the nearest town hall meeting and be heard. It doesn't matter which side of the debate you are on. What does matter is the badly needed reality check for our representatives. It never hurts to remind elected officials from time to time that their cushy jobs still depend on the unwashed masses that vote for them. Who knows, they may actually listen to we voters instead of those high priced lobbyists.

Well, at least for a while. 


"It is kinda funny, though, having a professional neighborhood organizer [President Obama] crying "foul" because those of us upon whom this abomination will be foisted may be organizing to protest."
- My Cousin

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