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Thursday, April 29, 2010

You might be a complete and total screw up if…

Clarksville, IN - You might be a complete and total screw up if you stuff your stash in your back pack and then take it to a Presidential Event where you know it will be searched.

According to Ottumwa Police records, a 25-year-old Illinois man was arrested after a Secret Service search of his backpack hours before a visit by President Barack Obama.

Police records indicate Thomas Persino, from Des Plaines, Ill., is charged with prohibited acts and possession of drug paraphernalia. The arrest happened at Indian Hills Community College while Secret Service agents were securing the area.

An ABC News spokesman said Persino was hired as a soundman to cover the presidential visit.
KCCI 8 News: Report: Man Arrested With Pot Before Obama Visit

It never fails to amaze me the lengths some people will go to raise the bar on stupid. Hope his local burger king is hiring.


But on the other hand, pot is the best recreational substance for teenagers, athletes, people who have naturally high adrenaline. But you can't exercise and be high. It's impossible.
- Tommy Chong

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