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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Toronto, Ontario, CA - Things were much worse then I knew when that last post was made. On this page is a video that puts a much darker face on things. Find the video labeled CTV Toronto Extended: Anarchists Target Yonge. Unfortunately the page is set up in such a way that I cannot directly link the video.

Is this the image they want on their cause what ever that may be? A bunch of thugs destroying private and public property?

Those aren't protesters. Those are criminals and thugs in serious need of a righteous ass kicking. Just watching them made me want to take up arms and defend the property they vandalized. Had any of that been my property I can assure you they would have had a war on their hands. I freely admit the odds of me winning are not all that good. But I would have cracked a few heads before I lost.

That brings us to another question. Where in the Hell were the police? Where was that nifty APC with the water canon and pepper spray options? Why were these self righteous little brats allowed to wander unchecked up Yonge street without so much as one policeman in sight?

I'm not sure which frustrates me more. The protesters or the lack of police action to stop them.


"Was that the Starbucks we stopped at this morning?"
- A reporter in the press center watching these videos.

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